ana sayfa

The method of working followed in the Galata Rhythm House follows the process by which Mısırlı Ahmet has trained himself. Hence the musical phases the master has undertaken are experienced with him. The success of this method has been proven with experience.

Classical rhythm trainings are divided into two main phases; the first is the memorisation of rhythms according to doum-tek templates and the second is the boring technique practices. These kinds of methods based on memorisation and which kills creativity is not applied in the Rhythm House. Both the advanced level group and the beginners’ group play the same compositions. The difference between the advanced level and the beginner is the difference in terms of the distance they have covered in the compositions and way of interpretation. Progress is made in the composition by adding one or two rhythm sentences in each training. The rhythm sentences played will continue to increase more and more and after working consistently on these rhythms, if it may be said so, our rhythms are “brewed”. During this process the technique is developed, the tunes coming out of the darbouka becoming tastier.

While the Galata Rhythm House adopts composition activities in order to improve the rhythm perception and development of technique, it also attaches a lot of importance to rhythm improvisations. From the very first rhythmists play impromptu in order to develop their free souls. It is not expected to reach a certain level before improvising because as the performance level progresses, naturally the technique also improves. Anyhow the technique will improve sooner or later by working on it, what is important is for the ease of expressing oneself freely and for creativity to be developed. This is what is precious...