ana sayfa

Galata Rhythm House is a centre of rhythm where in Mısırlı Ahmet conveys his 30 years of musical accumulation and the darbouka technique he has developed to young rhythmists.

Galata Rhythm House; the name of the opportunity to work with the best darbouka player in the world. Besides the rich ethnic rhythms of our country and the world, the countless rhythms produced by Mısırlı Ahmet are practised in three different groups divided according to their levels.

There are many darbouka artists who think they know Mısırlı Ahmet’s technique and even those who attempt to teach them. Although it is pleasing to see that Mısırlı Ahmet’s technique, the most supreme darbouka technique that has been developed until this day, is being adopted by darbouka artists; unfortunately at the wrong hands this can also cause the degeneration of the technique. This is the exact reason why the Galata Rhythm House is the only address for darbouka players of the world in terms of working together with the Master Mısırlı Ahmet, of grasping his technique directly with the help of its creator.

Organising workshops in different countries for years, Mısırlı Ahmet was, until very recently, an unattainable name for darbouka lovers in Turkey. Darbouka players were only able to get the opportunity of seeing the master in concerts. The Galata Rhythm House announces the good news that this longing has now come to an end.

The Galata Rhythm House is the right address for rhythmists who, freeing themselves from the rhythm perception limited with the ethnic interpretations of rhythm, wish to play at a universal level. To express it differently; the Rhythm House is a door that opens to world music.

The Galata Rhythm House is not only the address for those playing or aim to play the darbouka professionally but also for those who wish to take a step towards the magical world of rhythm, to move away from the stifling atmosphere of the city and working life that cripples the emotions and creativity of individuals. It will be enough for you to roam up to Galata and enter our door in order to see what this really means.

It will be sufficient for you to take a look at the images in our web site to see the point that has been reached in the Galata Rhythm House in terms of the activities we have started in November 2007.